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| who I really, really am

This site started as a wish to become aware of all my accounts and activities online. I use a lot of different Interned-based services, so I figured it was time to go through all my accounts and tidy a little; in the process I have deleted some, and renewed others. The sites and services I present here is the ones I am going to pursue.

But while I was at it, I decided to make a site (this one), to have somewhere to point friends and family towards, in case they wanted to connect with me through more channels. And given this site is out there in the open, I decided to add an “About me” page, in case I could make some new connection and friends as well.

So please read on, and if you recognize some of my interests, please make yourself heard!


This is me. I can actually be this blurry.

OK, so who am I really? I´ve been asking myself that question several times, but I never seem to agree with myself on that. Not the best outset for an about-site, perhaps, but lets face it, the question itself is meaningless. I hate to break it to you, but the core identity that we often seem to cling to does not exist.

So, instead of telling you who I am, I´m going to say something about what I like to do, and the things that interests me.

The Internet
First, the reason we are all here: the Internet. The Internet is a fascinating thing. I don´t know exactly what it is about it, but it got me hooked back in ´94, and I haven´t been able to shake it off. To me, the internet is intriguing in many ways; the things we can achieve by it, how it makes us communicate; how it affects our way of living in fundamental ways. And now also the mobile aspects of it, that we can take the net “with us”. The Internet has become a very central part of my lift, and I spend quite some time online.

And then, there is photography. I really love to photograph. I love it. Photography is one of my major passions, and I take pictures as often as I can. I´m not that interested in all the technical aspect of photography, but rather taking and making photographs, working on them, and (to some extent) making hard copies of them. Looking at a photo that tells me something can be groundbreaking. The Internet and the making of photographs is a perfect combination, so I have established a photo blog. Check out “My sites” for a link.

I also like to write. It does not matter very much what kind of writing tool I use; pens, pencils, ink, phone, computer, anything goes. Writing is another activity easily combined with the Internet, and I used to have a text blog where I wrote about learning and technology. But at some point I found that I had to cut down on some activities in order to nourish the ones I decided to pursue. The only thing I’m writing right now, is my PhD-thesis.

And, of course, music. Music is of fundamental importance. Music makes (almost) any activity easier to handle, a life without a soundtrack is – according to me – a sad life. I listen to a lot of different music, depending on mood and activity. Some classical music, a lot of rock, a lot of pop, a lot of ambient and electronica, and quite a lot of jazz. I have a history in music production, but these days I am solely a music consumer.

My web sites

| where to find me

I have several sites that I maintain. These are my blogs:

My photoblog. If I have a passion in life, it has to be photography. That hobby has stayed with me for the bigger part of my life, and it continues to give me something.

My other photo blog. To this blog I upload more “everyday” photos, and I participate in another kind of photo blogging community with this one, than the one above.

The Posterous of signsApplied
This is my mobile photo blog. I use my trusted iTelephone to feed this blog from time to time.

Me & Social media

| connecting

Given that I find the Internet such a fascinating place, I utilize it in many of my activities. If you are into these things yourself, and find my profile interesting, you´re more than welcome to contact me. Use the contact from on this site, of one of the services below. The Internet is all about making new connections!

Twitter This service is developing into something very useful. More and more of the things I choose to peruse for more information is provided to me first by Twitter. Account: trondhaugerud

Flickr Photography is a huge thing for me, and a Flickr account is a must. I upload photo both from my computer and from my phone when I´m out and about, and I also really like the social aspect of that way of sharing photos. Account name: haugerud

Endomondo I like to stay in shape, and I try to find time to roller-skate a couple of times every week. I have found that Endomondo is a great service to keep track of my workouts. What I especially like with Endomondo is that their tracking software can be used on many different operating systems, so if I ex. switch phone, I´ll be able to continue my account. User name: Trond Haugerud

Last.fm Even though I don´t really use Last.fm that much as such, I have it connected with some of my other musical services, like iTunes and Spotify. It gives some idea of what I´m listening to, but it might not be totally accurat. Username: trondhaugerud

Delicious I have a bunch of websites I visit on a regular basis, and it is great to have access to the links on more than one computer. Username: trondh

Facebook I guess a Facebook account is mandatory. I use Facebook almost exclusively on my phone, so I´m mostly concentrating on approving friend requests, updating status and commenting on others. All that other stuff I´m not that active on. Account: Trond Haugerud

My Photography

| The Best Shots

Even though I have a couple of photo blogs and a Flickr account, you might not bother to go there, so I´ll give you a preview of some of my photos here.

Ph.D. project

| doing research

I have a PhD in progress. Truth to be told, I really should have finished this off by now, but for different reasons I have not been able to do so. Non the less, I am determined to complete this as soon a possible.

Thematically, the project evolves around technology supported learning, and the data material consists of video data from a teacher education program. I am investigating student teachers initial meeting with ICT as a learning tool, how they use ICT to plan teaching, how they use it to support pupils learning in the classroom, and how they talk about ICT as a tool for learning.

Theoretically, the project is founded in a socio-cultural framework, with main references to Lev Vygotsky, Alexander Luria, and Marx Wartofsky. I also draw on the writings of John Shotter, Roger Säljö, James Wertsch, amongst others.

If you have interests in the same area of research, I´d love to hear from you!


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